Be Yourself

Throughout the Bible, leaders stand out as being either good or evil.  Abimelech is one of the most wicked of them all.  He murders seventy of his half-brothers so that they don’t compete with him for head of God’s people.  Chapter 9 tells the whole story.

The reading for today is a fable Jotham, the only survivor of the seventy brothers that Abimelech killed.  As often in the Bible, stories teach truths that are stronger because of the images of the story. The point of the fable is that each of the trees mentioned, except the bramble bush, does not want to give up who they are just to get to be in charge of others.  

Now that’s something for each of us to think about.  Who we are is God’s precious, unique gift.  When forget about how special we are and try to impress others by imitating somebody else more famous, then we lose happiness, peace, joy and all the wonderful feelings that come from being grateful to God for creating us.

Judges 9:7-21

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Praising You for who I am
The humble are exalted Luke 1:52
For others, the better part
Abundant joy within me

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