Three Precious Gifts

The three gifts of the Wise Men each say something about who we are and how we can be a gift to the Christ child and to others.   Gold: the symbol of the most prized possession.  You are the best and most special gift for the Christ Child.  Who you are is like pure gold to God.  

Frankincense is a hard resin taken from trees on the Arabian peninsula.  It looks like stone, until it falls on hot coals, becoming a sweet smelling smoke.  Imagine that you are like frankincense, falling upon the fire of the Spirit.  You’ll be like a sweet smelling perfume filling the air. Finally, there is Myrrh, from the Arabic word for “bitter”  This is an ointment used to soothe pain.  It was offered to Jesus on the cross; he refused to lessen his pain that he might love us more.   

Gold is for Jesus the King.  Frankincense is for Jesus as God.  Myrrh is for the suffering of Christ in death that gave us the resurrection.  May you and I be just like each of these precious gifts to the Christ Child.

Matthew 2

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Star stopping over Jesus v. 9
Gold for you, my Lord and King v. 11
Frankincense—You are my God. v. 11
Myrrh—softening Your suff’ring v. 11

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