This Way Out

What power in John’s voice  in the desert where the Jordan flows! Like the piercing pin-light of the Epiphany Star, John’s voice punctures the desert silence with a cry that announces a new beginning.
     New beginnings always need to start with turning our lives back to the way that God wants for us. And so the whole countryside ran to John to be baptized by him.
      Here’s something very interesting in the words “went out” in verse 5. This is the same word that is used for the Exodus which means “the way out” in the original Greek language. Check out the word “exit” in “Exodus.” Theaters have lighted exit signs that mean, “This way out.” Just as Moses led the people out of slavery in Egypt, so Jesus shows us the way out of the grip of selfishness , to the freedom of enjoying life with God’s love.

Imagine that you are walking toward John. Feel the crowd pressing close to you as you and your family step into the waters of the Jordan. This is just like our ancestors who walked into the waters of the Red Sea that split apart to for them so that they could get to the other side and continue their walk to freedom.

Mark 1:1-8 

Examples of Bible Breaths Learn More…

Voice crying in the desert v. 3
Prepare the way of the Lord. v. 3
The One coming after me v. 7
Baptized with th’Holy Spirit v. 8

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Scroll down to “Matthew Henry’s Commentary
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