Poised for God to Act

This is what the Lord says: By this you will know that I am the Lord.
I’m now going to hit the water of the Nile River with this rod in my hand, and it will turn into blood.
Exodus 7:17

The first two of ten plagues come upon the land of Egypt because of Pharaoh’s refusal to let the Hebrews go. Each plague confronts Pharaoh and his people with how powerless they are in the presence of the great God whose name is “I AM.” Once God decides to bring the people out of slavery, nothing can really stand in the way. It may be slowed up for a while—like forty years—but it’s going to happen.

If there’s something that you want that is very important to you, but it isn’t happening right away, hang in there. Sometimes delay gives a clearer picture to see if it’s really that important. If it is, that or something better is going to happen. Watch out for negative feelings of anger, sadness or fear while you’re waiting; these will only get in the way. Just patiently wait, poised for God to act in your favor. God will do what’s best for you.

Exodus 7:8—8:15

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Free me from being stubborn. 8:19
You protect when I obey.
Blessings embedded in pain
Faithful God delivering

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