The New Passover

“This day will be a day of remembering for you.
You will observe it as a festival to the Lord. You will observe it in every generation as a regulation for all time.
Exodus 14:12

The tenth and final plague against the Egyptians is about to happen: the Angel of Death will soon come to the houses of Egyptian families and kill the first born males.  How will death know the difference between the homes of Egyptians and those of the Hebrews?  Today’s reading tells what Hebrew families are to do.  Hyssop, a lovely shrub that grows around the world, is to be dipped into the blood of the lamb to be eaten and then smeared on the doorposts of Hebrew houses so that death will “Passover” those homes; thus the name for this celebration of freedom.   

  Hyssop was dipped into vinegar and brought to the lips of Jesus on the cross in John 19:29.  St. John wants us to feel the connection with the blood of the lamb smeared on the doorposts of the Hebrews and the vinegar smeared on Jesus’ lips.  The Resurrection of Jesus: the new Passover!

 Exodus 12:14-28

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You brought us out of Egypt. v. 17
The unleavened bread of Christ v. 20
Blood of Christ upon my heart v. 22
The Passover of the Lord v. 27

The Saturday passages follow the reading list that Jewish people use in their synagogue worship
throughout the world. They are taken from
“The Torah,” the first five books of the Bible from Genesis to Deuteronomy
that are read each year beginning with autumn.

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