A Very Smart King

These very wise sayings are thought to have come down to us from King Solomon, son of King David.  Solomon was very smart, with down-to-earth recommendations about how to live.  He talks with you with all the care and tenderness of a father to his child. 

     Wisdom in the Bible is very practical. In much of the sacred Scriptures, wisdom is presented as a very gentle and caring woman.  All the verses of advice and encouragement are seen as coming from within a very special family.

     If you have a favorite teacher, it is because he or she is kind and loving to you.  That’s the way God is with us in giving us these sayings that will help us live holy lives filled with joy and love.

Proverbs 4:1-13

Wisdom: I’m embracing you. v. 8
Instruction: she is my life. v. 13
My heart holds on to Your words.v. 4

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