God’s Dream of You

There they were–large sheets of blue paper carefully unrolled last week so that I could take a look. They were the drawings of our beautiful Gothic church in Vineland, NJ where I was pastor.  These blueprints, were prepared by the designer of the church called an architect.  At one time our church existed only in his mind.  Then he took his pencils and carefully drew pictures of his dream so that others could turn the dream into our beautiful church. Because the carpenters, electricians, plumbers and stone masons followed the blueprints, the church stands today as a faithful expression of the dream of the architect.

     Within minutes after you were born, your feet were coated with ink and pressed onto a piece of paper.   No one in the world has ever had or ever will have these footprints; they are unique. They are a kind of “blueprint” of God’s dream for you.  When you live according to this dream, when you agree with God’s plan for you, you grow into fully becoming who you are meant to be.  YOU are the will of God for yourself!  

1 John 5: 14; 18

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Born of God, I’m protected. v. 18

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