It’s Not Fair!

Wow!  Is David angry!   While he is very upset at what’s happening to him, he is especially angry at the way that so many are treating God’s people—not caring about justice. It’s not fair! They fail to honor and love God.  He knows in his heart that God will take care of God’s enemies; David doesn’t have to.  “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord (Deuteronomy 32:35).

David is like Jesus.   Jesus pours out his anger, not when something is done to him alone, but when His Father’s glory is at stake. For example, worldly business got into the temple during special holidays. Jesus turned over the tables of those exchanging money.  Imagine having a lemonade stand right up next to the altar in church, turning the attention of the congregation away from worship!

When we get very upset at the way others are abused, it’s important to turn our anger into prayer, just as David did.  Then God will show us what we need to do to make sure that justice flows out…and not just our anger.

Psalm 58:3-7; 10-11

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Like water, evil runs off. v. 7
May evil wither as grass. v. 7
The righteous receive reward. v. 11
The good rejoice in justice. v. 10

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