Lust Losing Its Power

A special family clock rests on a table in my office. As I counsel people and see the movement of the hour, that familiar, lovely face from the past looks back at me, along with the face of the one with whom I am talking. I make sure that the clock is never near the edge; I like to see a border of table-top around it!

Is there a border, a boundary, a hedge about you and that special other person whom God may have given you to share life together? If not, then be open to the images of seduction in today’s passage. Be aware of the danger of even the slightest out-of-boundary flirtation.

There is one face you surely want to have before you at all times—the Lord’s face. The Holy Spirit will breathe honesty into your heart and wrench away the power of lust with the pure power of love.

Proverbs 5

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