Prosperity and Hospitality

This Firestarter is from the original edition.

Just as Jesus joins physical healing and forgiveness of sins to spiritual healing, so does John begin this brief letter. Matter and spirit link together. Signs of prosperity happen because of surrender to the Lord. God who is so maximal is not going to be minimal with those God loves.

If 2 John warns you about those you allow to surround you, 3 John reminds of the need to be hospitable to missionaries. Surround yourselves with those who believe and are on fire with the Lord. This will prevent the alternative from taking place—vulnerability to gossip, idle talkers, spending time with those who do not have a life.

You have been given the very life of God. Cherish this gift and water it by sharing your gifts from the Lord freely with others that both you and they may glorify God.

3 John

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