The Bungee Cord of Hope

Some people just love doing scary things like bungee jumping. Down they go hoping that the bungee cord, stretched to its limit, will pull the person back upward to high ground.

St. Paul says in verse 5 that the hope of heaven is what stirs faith and love.  The effect of all this spiritual energy is to have it spread to others.  They catch on by the joy we experience in Christ’s promise. St. Paul is a great source of inspiration; read each verse as though you are rising higher and higher to a space as though you are already in heaven.

Verses 15 to 20 are like a beautiful hymn that gathers the essence of who we are in Christ with words that are simply astounding.  Read them slowly, pausing where you find your heart especially touched by grace.

Colossians 1:1-20 

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