Give God Your Pain.

Once upon a time we had a beautiful pet—a black Cocker Spaniel named Reina.  One day she was sleeping in the driveway, blending into the dark pavement.  Our son didn’t see her as he backed his car right over her.  Since she was small and lying right in the middle, the car only touched her a tiny bit and she was OK.

What if our son had killed our beloved pet and we kept hammering him with, “It’s all your fault!  It’s all your fault!”  How terrible he would have felt.

Even though Job was not responsible for the awful things that happened to him and his family, his nasty friends kept pounding him with, “It’s all your fault!”  Job turns to God, pleading that God comfort him in his great pain.

God waits for you to give God all the pain in your life.  Keep turning to God when you feel sad and frightened.  Be a real friend to someone you know who is suffering.

   Job 17:3-9

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