Dipping Hyssop

When the four evangelists wrote the Gospels, they often found connections with stories of our Hebrew ancestors.  This was especially true of the Exodus.  It was like connecting a tin-can telephone from events in the Exodus, to what happened in the life of Jesus.  

St. John was especially tuned into this.  An incident from the Exodus was “speaking” through the tin can and string to the other can pressed against our ear.  What happened to Jesus was listened to in connection with God speaking and acting centuries earlier in our sacred history.

  St. John did this with hyssop.  This is a wild flower that has fine hairs at the tip.  Moses told the Hebrews to dip hyssop into the blood of the Paschal Lamb and spread it on their doorways so that the Angel of Death would pass over.  St. John said that hyssop was dipped into sour wine and spread it on Jesus’s lips.  Right after this, he died.  His death meant that death would “pass over” us!  St. John wanted the death of Jesus to be listened to as connected to the story of Passover.  Alleluia!

Exodus 12:21-51

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