Set Free

Remember when Peter was in the courtyard outside the place where Jesus was on trial, the night before he was crucified?  Peter told a servant girl that he didn’t know who Jesus was. What a difference in the Peter from that time, to the Peter in today’s reading! 

After the Resurrection of Jesus, everything had changed for Peter.  He was a brand new person, always feeling the closeness of his risen Lord in his heart. How happy Peter must have felt when an angel of the Lord came to free him from prison!  It’s a wonderful story.  

Many persons are in a kind of prison within themselves, though really not in jail. And then there are those in prison who have experienced their soul breaking free with joy, as Jesus enters their heart and set their spirits free.  Is there anything happening to you that makes you feel as though there are walls around your heart?  Picture Jesus setting you free!

Acts 12:1-19

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