Golden Mouthed

John Chrysostom was a powerful and holy preacher in fourth century Constantinople. His given name means “Golden-Mouthed,” having the reputation of being the greatest expositor of the Bible in his time. His life embodied verse 11. Would you like to be remembered in a similar way? Then let your mouth be set by the silver of silence, opening yourself to the power of the Holy Spirit so that all that you say can be as gold.

In Romans 12:20, Paul uses verses 21–22 in his teaching about overcoming evil with good.

What proverbs especially move you? Writing them will deepen their impact. Place your written copies in settings where their brilliant quality will shine all the more, transforming your thoughts—and thus your mouth— into gold.

Proverbs 25

What are Bible Breaths? Learn More…
Example: Fitting word: apples of gold. v. 11

Tuesdays are dedicated to the Old Testament books of history
and the Hebrew “Writings.”
In the Easter Season this year we read Easter: Prov 24 -26; Nehemiah.


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How does the Word touch you?

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