Denials Deleted by Love

There is a shift in the way the risen Jesus is with the disciples. Rather than appearing to them, Jesus is already present on the shore while seven disciples fish in the middle of the lake. Fishing is a symbol of ministry. Remember the call of three of these disciples: “I will make you fish for people.” (Cf. Mt. 4:19, Mk 1:17, Lk 5:10). There is abundant success in ministry and mission when we obey Jesus.

Join the disciples for breakfast with Jesus. This is the first personal encounter of Jesus with Peter since the latter’s denial. Catch the poignant, tender moment. Three times did Peter deny Jesus; three times, Jesus invites him to delete the denials with expressions of humble love.

This is your day to show love and loyalty to your risen Savior.

John 21:1–19

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Example: Feeding Your sheep with my love v. 17

Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels from the Revised Common Lectionary.
In year C, during the Easter Season, we read from John’s Gospel, with Luke on the Seventh Week.

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