Fresh Forever

Catch the power of the preposition: Joy of the Lord, compared with the familiar Joy in the Lord. God is love and joy. God opens up the vast power of God’s own joy for you to find strength in it.

Place yourself amid this vast assembly that hears God’s Word for the first time. Cherish the first hours of the day, just as did our Jewish ancestors; they passed the whole morning listening to the Torah in the open square. You join many reading this passage with you on this very day.

Renewed festivals bring fresh joy to the people of Nehemiah’s day. Routine has not yet begun its erosion of fervor. The people confess publicly as they hear the recalling of God’s covenant and their ancestors’ infidelity to God. Note the reordering of priorities in chapter 10—the offering of first fruits to the Lord. What changes are you called to make?

Nehemiah 8—10

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Example: The joy of the Lord, my strength 8:10

Tuesdays are dedicated to the Old Testament books of history
and the Hebrew “Writings.”
In the Easter Season this year we read Easter: Prov 24 -26; Nehemiah.


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