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Today’s passage is short enough to be presented in its entirety as the verse for the day. Memorize it, repeating it often throughout the course of your day. Feel the imperative mood in the words Praise and Extol. Sense the connection that this psalm has with the reading from Lamentations on Monday, as we recall the destruction of the two Temples. God has seen to it that this disaster has been surpassed by the temple-body of Jesus, which cannot be destroyed. With God, there is always a way out, even when there does not seem to be one.

May your heart and voice sing out in praise for our God who rebuilds all that is shattered and destroyed in our lives into resurrection, Holy Spirit space—all because God’s love is constant and unfailing.

Psalm 117

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Example: Great Your steadfast love toward us v. 2

We continue to read the Psalms in numerical order.

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