Do You Smell Good to God?

The root meaning of the Greek word, bdelugma, is often translated as “abomination,” means “a foul thing.” Thus, the verse for today could be rendered, “What society finds valuable is a stench to God!”

The parables of “The Unjust Steward” and “Dives and Lazarus” form bookends for this verse, along with a few other teachings of the Lord that we often disregard. The stories have to do with covetousness in two formsgreed and lust, the latter being the underlying point of the prohibition against divorce.

Where do you find yourself as you pray these stories and teachings? It is about setting the Lord’s priorities in our lives. Spend time today being honest with yourself. Is there preoccupation with riches that is turning your life from being a sweet smelling fragrance into something that just doesn’t smell good to God?

Luke 16

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Example: Lord, You know what’s in my heart. v. 15

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels.
In the season of Pentecost this year we read Luke 9—19:27.

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How does the Word touch you?

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