Chesed le’olam

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My days in early religious life were filled with this psalm. We used to sing it to the psalmody of Joseph Gelineau, a Jesuit priest from France, who set the entire Psalter to music. You will catch the sweet flow of the rhythm if you swing from side to side accenting the underlined words.

Chesed (the first syllable has a guttural sound), is the Hebrew word for God’s loving kindness, God’s faithful love which is constant and forever, ‘olam. This latter word expresses the immensity of God’s reign, infinitely extending in time and space. The verse for the day is Chesed le’ olam. It has the feeling of a sigh to it. What a lovely way to spend your day, often breathing out this verse as you sigh in gratitude for the long list of loving kindnesses that the Lord has bestowed upon you!

Psalm 136

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Example: Your steadfast love forever v.1 etc.

We continue to read the Psalms in numerical order.

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