Weavings in the Womb

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As I write, I sit in a dimly lit hospital room with my daughter, Laura, and her boy, Richie. He rests quietly while undergoing a brain scan. I recall that other day in 1987 when I was with Laura who was about to give birth to him.

I gaze at the long, slender body of my grandson, scanning the years from birth to this moment, admiring the constancy of God’s gift that has continued the stitching of his body and his life, long after the initial weaving was completed in Laura’s womb. It is a perfect setting to pray and write about Psalm 139, a piece that breathes the awesome wonder of the sacred writer as he contemplates his own being and praises his all-knowing and ever-present God.

The psalmist hands you a sacred thread; pick it up and let wonder weave itself within you, as steadily and permanently as the weaving of yesterday’s woman of Proverbs.

Psalm 139

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Example: You wove me in my mother. v. 15

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