Sacred Bookends

Tap here for a video meditation on Psalm 146.

ALLELUIA: the only Hebrew home for this word is in the psalms. Alleluias are sacred bookends embracing either end of each of these last psalms, conclusions to the three-year cycle of Wednesdays.

This is the resurrection song of the soul dead and risen in Christ Jesus, the ultimate song of praise that the Spirit sings from within. Its strength and power is in proportion to the ashes of the song of repentance—a song the stronger and more sober because of the readings of this week.

Keep together the “medley” songs that the Spirit inspires within as you recall the week’s themes of goodness and evil, arrogance and humility that weave themselves throughout the week. While each day has its own reading, there is a stitch holding each one together.

Psalm 146

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Example: O my soul, praise the Lord God. v. 1

We continue to read the Psalms in numerical order.

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