A Stable, New Future

One time while camping with my family, I created an outdoor shower. I lashed a hula-hoop to the branches of a tree in three places, a shower curtain hanging onto it. A plastic bag of water previously heated by the sun, hung from above. It had a hose and showerhead attachedall the comforts of a shower at home … almost!

There were three points to keep the hula-hoop stable. Three gives stability. Is this another reason why sacredness and completeness are associated with this number?

In John’s gospel, the episode of Jesus’first encounter with his disciples takes place on the middle day of three days. The first day is the meeting and baptism with John the Baptist; the third day is the Marriage Feast at Cana.

Feel this second day: transition from old water to the stability of new life, symbolized by the new wine.

Spend time with Jesus and the first disciples. He prepares a stable, new future for you.

John 1:29–42

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