Gift of Tears

Chapter 9 verse 1 gave Jeremiah the name: “The Weeping Prophet.” He grieves over the people’s lost condition, so much of which has to do with leaders lying to the people.

What is your experience of crying? Do you weep easily, or is it hard for you to pour out the sin and sadness in your life through tears? Shame often enters to gridlock the emotion of pain that needs the loosening release of sobs. The tears of others often help to free this “liquid prayer.”

Read slowly, carefully, reflectively. You might take a chapter for each of the three hours in the quarter parts of the day. Let your heart be touched; your head may flow with tears. Listen for the tears of Jeremiah until you hear your own. Pray for what spiritual writers call “The Gift of Tears,” a gift from God for intercessory prayer.

Jeremiah 7—9

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.
In the season of Lent we read Jeremiah 1—17.

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Example: Weeping for those who suffer 9:1

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