Communion and Community

Picture the Upper Room where Jesus is sharing the Passover with his apostles. This Last Supper becomes the First Supper of a New Creation. Something only from heaven is about to take place; divine communion and community is incarnated in our human flesh through the Sacrament of Bread and Wine.

Keep your awareness of communion and community central as you read these two chapters of Paul. They treat of both. Though we peer into the particular problems of the church in Corinth long ago, the essence of the issues of strife and competition rear their ugly faces in every time and place religious institution. May the power of Christ transform you by the radiant light of his love. Pray for the oneness of the world.

1 Corinthians 11—12

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Example: “This is my body for you.” 11:24

Thursdays are dedicated to the letters of Paul, other letters,
the Book of Acts, and the Book of Revelation.
In the season of Lent this year we read Ephesians and 1 Corinthians 11-12.

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