Profound Comfort

Tap here for a video meditation on Psalm 16.

 Once there was a person tormented night after night, waking from terrible nightmares of a pack of vicious dogs attacking the person. One night, the person prayed before going to sleep that this nightmare would cease. The dream occurred again, but this time the self in the dream faced the dogs; they immediately turned to flowers.

In this psalm, David leads you into a prayer of absolute awareness of the power and presence of God to turn all repugnant or frightening aspects of your life, into goodness and peace. David knows that with God’s hand on his life, everything takes on the fragrance and beauty of God’s presence. Even a nightmare like Goliath became a blessing for David. By faith in God’s power, David became “taller” than the height of this great giant. So may you pray in the same manner.

Psalm 16

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Example: You are my portion and cup. v. 5

We continue to follow the Psalms in numerical order.

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