Stirring the People

Thursday of the Sixth Week in Easter, Year B    Acts 17

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I draw your attention to a Greek word that occurs only two times in the New Testament. In verse 6, the word anastenazo is used for the accusation that Paul and Silas are “stirring up” the people. The only other time this word is used is in Mark 8:12 where Jesus “sighs deeply” at the demand of the Pharisees for a sign from Jesus. The word connotes a welling up of intense emotion. May the Spirit do the same to you, loosening, and freeing you to be wholly dedicated to God.

The journeys of Paul and Silas continue. They reach Athens, center of pagan religion in the Roman Empire. You will read the sermon that Paul delivered on the Areopagus located on the famous Parthenon. However, no faith comes from Athens. Its pride in being the center of philosophical thought in the ancient world prevents it from being stirred up to faith. There would be no subsequent “Letter of Paul to the Athenians!”

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Thursdays in the Easter Season are dedicated to the Book of Acts.

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The Gospel Comes to Europe

Thursday of the Fifth Week in Easter, Year B
Acts 16

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Paul’s disciple is the young Timothy. This is the second missionary journey of Paul. Models of leadership abound. People learn about leadership by becoming spiritual apprentices.

Remember that all of the Holy Lands at this time are part of the Roman Empire, which is divided into provinces. In addition to the names of cities, there are provinces such as Galatia, Asia (not the continent), Bithynia, Mysia, Phrygia, Macedonia, and Achaea (modern Greece). Soon into this journey, Paul receives a vision during the night to cross over into Macedonia. This would be the first time that the Gospel is preached in Europe.

One of the loveliest stories in Acts is the account of what happens when Paul and Silas are in prison. May your heart sing along with theirs as you too become open to the power of God in your life.

Thursdays in the Easter Season are dedicated to the Book of Acts.

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Prostrate in Prayer

Thursdays: The New Testament
Acts 9

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Our reading from the Acts of the Apostles this year ends with the conversion of St. Paul. Then he was Saul, with one driving compulsion—to persecute those who follow Jesus. Jesus shakes his very being. Enter the scene. Experience the profound shift in Paul to a fire that burns for love and joy, no longer for death.

Are you also ready to be shocked and astonished by the call of God on your life? As you pray, you are bathed in the same light that threw Paul to the ground, rising as a new creature. You might physically prostrate yourself in prayer. Welcome the gifts for ministry that the Spirit pours into you.

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Meeting You along the way v. 3
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Joyful healing in Your name v. 32ff

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