Word Roots

Here’s a way discover in about a minute, the meaning of any word in the original languages of the Bible: Hebrew for the Old Testament, Greek for the New Testament. It’s all made possible thanks to the work of James Strong, a 19th century scholar of the Bible. One of his projects was to create a list of all the Hebrew and Greek words in the Bible, and the verses where they occurred. He gave a number to every word. Imagine how long it must have taken for him to to do this! He had great patience with a talent for being organized. I wonder how many index cards he used!

Thanks to his work, the computer can take you immediately to the root meaning of any word in the original languages of the Bible. Here’s a website that will help you do this. BibleStudyTools.com. You’ll need to select the King James version of the Bible, and then check the box that says “Strong Numbers.” The text will then have links to every word. Just click on the word and you’ll be taken to it’s Hebrew or Greek root.

You’ll find that the roots of words give energy to make creative connections with all aspects of our life of faith and love.

How does the Word touch you?

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