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Mondays: The Prophets
Isaiah 17—18

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Nations that have risen against Judea and Jerusalem are marked for destruction. Those bent on defying God are doomed. They will not harvest the rich fruits resting in ripeness in the field, but rather the beasts of the field and the birds of the air will do the gathering. So says the master of the harvest who rests in the heat of the summer sun.

I wonder if John the Baptist had 17:13 in mind when he preached the way clear for Jesus in Matthew 3:12—the chaff blown to oblivion by the wind. Efforts in your life will be similarly scattered if there lacks a clear, fundamental purpose and call in your life.

Ask the Lord to gather your energies according to God’s plan. What does the final verse mean for you as you place your life and will into God hands?

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Bible Breaths
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Eyes upon the Holy One 17:7
The nations: chaff in the wind 17:13
You like clear heat in sunshine 18:4
My gifts to the Lord of hosts 18:7

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This is the fourth of thirteen weeks in Pentecost, Year A.
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Mondays are dedicated to the Prophets; in this season, we continue reading Isaiah.

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