If You Lose Your Soul

[From the original version.]

Peter’s typical reactive behavior snatches away a moment of grace and glory. He has just confessed Jesus as the Christ, but then succumbs to arrogance when he rebukes Jesus for predicting his passion. Christ pounds Peter’s spirit into coming to an awareness of his foolishness by calling him “Satan.” That must have gotten Peter’s deep attention!

The suffering of Jesus implicates all those who follow him. Yet Jesus leads the way. Keep the focus upon the Lord; Jesus will meet the deepest needs of those who have given their lives to him.

If you are one with Jesus, your eternal salvation is secure, a salvation that is beginning right now. Let the question of Jesus in the verse for the day mull around your heart every hour. It will sober your spirit.

Mark 8:27–38

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In year B, we read from the Gospel of Mark

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