Piercing Dark Silence

[From the original version]

A shrill blast pierces the silence of the descending darkness of an autumn evening. It is the shofar, the ram’s horn, summoning the people to a sobering awareness of the end times as the Jewish New Year begins in autumn.

Today the New Year for the Church begins. The voice of Jesus sounds the call for readiness, awareness, sobriety, watchfulness—in short, for prayer. The message shakes us to our roots, loosening those places within where we are bound to a world passing away.

What the shofar is to the silence, the first Advent candle is to the darkness. Enter the beauty of the darkness of this season and the way in which tiny particles of light pierce the night with an expanding joy. Jesus is coming.

Luke 21:25–36

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Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels from the Revised Common Lectionary.
In year C, we give a special focus to the Gospel of Luke.

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