Glory Resting Upon You

As shining embers amid the smoldering ashes of suffering, the word “glory” rises up four times in this brief passage. The word in Greek is doxa, whose root means “thought” or “opinion.” It comes to mean the good opinion of another, or their reputation. Applied to God, doxa is the radiance of God shining forth.

The word and its variations occur over two hundred and thirty times in the New Testament. In John’s Gospel, it is closely connected with the great suffering and death of Jesus as the moment of God’s glory. As with John, here glory joins suffering for Christ. God’s own glory shines through the shame and suffering inflicted upon those who follow Jesus.

Repeat the word often throughout your day, beneath your breath, as GLORY rests on you and shines forth from within.

1 Peter 4:12–19

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Example: Blessed when reviled for Your name v. 13

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