Resisting the Golden Calf

Tap here for a video meditation on Psalm 106.

The sweep of God’s covenant reviewed in last week’s psalm takes place again today. Here, however, the focus is upon the sinful rejection of God’s promises to our ancestors. Repeated acts of infidelity on the part of God’s people bring not rejection and abandonment from God, but even greater expressions of God’s fidelity.

As you scan the movement of your life, where have you been unfaithful to the Lord? The purpose of this is not to call up the ravages of guilt and remorse, but rather to place the Lord’s loving acts toward you into even greater relief.

Who or what is your golden calf? Make the psalm personal to you. The same evils that tempted our ancestors are focused upon us today—all variations of the golden calf.

Psalm 106

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Example: Your love endures forever. v. 1

We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.

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