Greater Is the One Within

Tap here for a meditation on Psalm 107.

Notice the action words of God in this prayer that begins the fifth and final book in the collection of psalms. God moves into our lives with the same saving energy as God did to our Jewish ancestors long ago. Pause at each verb and let your soul receive right now the timeless actions of God.

God’s protection at sea is celebrated from verse 23. I wonder if Jesus’s disciples caught in the storm on the lake in the Gospels recalled this part of the psalm. Greater is the One in your boat than all the storms from without that rage and rock to frighten you. To insure that you are in touch with Jesus within who is saving you, I suggest that you repeat the refrain of this psalm as each hour of your day strikes.

Psalm 107

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Example: Thanking You for Your great love v. 8

We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.

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