From Anger to Compassion

Tap here for a meditation on Psalm 109.

Today is Ash Wednesday.

Take the psalmist as your model for prayer. Trust in God gives him space to express rage at injustice in words that even include cursing his enemies and wishing them destruction.

When we are angry with someone, we may feel like harming him or her. Begin to pray when anger surges. Give your thoughts and feelings to the Lord. Anger is best spent in the arena of prayer. You will come to that place of resting in the Spirit where you will move beyond anger at your enemies, to compassion for them, which ignites desires for their salvation.

We come to feel about others by the way in which we think about them. However, if we go further and pray for them, as Jesus teaches us, then our hearts will find peace, and joy will return.

Psalm 109

What are Bible Breaths? Learn More
Example: Be not silent, God of praise. v. 1

We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.
For this week we have drawn from the First Week in Pentecost due to an Easter
one week later than its mid-range dates, April 10 – 16.

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