Total Satisfaction

Tap here for a video mediation on Psalm 131.

Does it stretch the imagination to link this quiet, intimate song with throngs of noisy people on the move to Jerusalem? Surely, in the crowd there is many a mother needing to pause by the roadside to nurse her baby. At that moment, no need to think about catching up with the rest. Time stops as she gazes down upon her child— mouth slightly open, lips still dripping with milk as the baby dozes off to sleep in total satisfaction.

We typically need three meals a day to keep up our strength. Yet more than the food we eat is the nourishment we need from the Lord. Pause regularly in the journey of the day and the week to your Jerusalem. Be fed by the Lord. Rest. All that you need for total satisfaction is given to you right now.

Psalm 131

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Example: My soul like a nursing child v. 2

During Lent each year we read a third of the fifteen “Songs of Ascent”–
Psalms 120 to 134. This being year C, we read the final third: Psalms 130 to 134.

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