Jolted into Peace

 The disciples huddle together, wrapped in choking bands of fear, doors shut and bolted from the anger outside. With no sense of moving through doors or walls, Jesus simply stands in the middle. May the first word from his mouth, designed to dissipate their fright, be the word that has all your fears vanish: “Peace be with you.” As unexpected, unhoped for, and undeserved as was Jesus’appearance to them, so does he now come to you and those rejoicing with you in your meditation on this same passage.

Extraordinary shifts from grief to joy, from loss to gain, from fear to peace, from death to life, mark the resurrection appearances. For John, a pre-Pentecost fullness comes to the disciples this night of the resurrection in the giving of the Holy Spirit. Receive the Holy Spirit as you join your breath with God’s.

John 20:19–23

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Example: Seeing the hands and the side v. 20

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels.
In the Easter Season this year we read the final third of John’s Gospel.

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