The Community and Jesus Risen

Thomas’absence at the first appearance of Jesus becomes a handicap to knowing the presence of Jesus risen in the new community. For Thomas, an alive Jesus would be a revivified corpse. He had no idea that Jesus would live in him, rather than he in Jesus with his fingers in the open wounds.

The second encounter with Jesus eight days later begins as the first one in 20:19. There is, however, a small but very significant difference. In verse 19, the past tense is used: “Jesus came.” In verse 26, it is the present tense: “Jesus comes.” Even before the manifestation to Thomas, Jesus is already present in the community that loves in such a way, that his presence is manifest in them.

Are you part of a community that lives and loves in the Spirit? No personal preferences to see Jesus in any particular manner will substitute for this.

John 20:24–31

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Example: Safe in the side of Jesus v. 27

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels.
In the Easter Season this year we read the final third of John’s Gospel.

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