All Poured Out

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David is as Lazarus of last Sunday. Pray this psalm interceding for the millions who lie in poverty outside the range of ears to hear the cry, but near to the heart of those willing to be moved by others in need.

There is power in the word “pour” as David expresses his complaints, his angers, and all his emotions. They do not come out drip by drip, hedged in by guilt and shame, as so often happens when it comes to feelings. Be as David. Take all of who you are in confident pouring into the lap of the Lord’s compassion. When these energies are spent, there will be a space of pure emptiness for the glory of the Lord to fill you and the hearts of the desperate in expressions of glory as is in the final verse.

Psalm 142

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Example: You are my place of refuge. v. 5

We continue to read the Psalms in numerical order.

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