At the Heart of Creation

Tap here for a video meditation on Psalm 148.

Preoccupation with something or someone, obsession with a thought or habit—all these constrict the wideangle view of creation which we need to maintain. The psalmist has this perspective. At the very heart of matter—more intimate than the bustling movement of atoms and molecules—lies the creative activity of God lifting every thing, animal and person into existence. It is there, at the deepest core that each article of creation is in praise of its creator. From the heights of heaven where God dwells, every creative thing finds its master-image. The dust of the earth—as toner in a copier—arranges itself according to this image.

Enter into God’s creation at the inspiration of the psalm for today. Find your life, with all its details, thoughts, and feelings, set against the background of creation ever-singing praise to God.

Psalm 148

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Example: Praise the Lord, all creation. v. 5

We continue to read the Psalms in numerical order.

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