Battering Ram of Praise

Tap here for a video meditation on Psalm 149

Praise is the ultimate weapon of victory in spiritual warfare. Because God is to be praised, the Enemy rises up in arrogance and anger. Praise, uninterrupted by the forces of darkness, brings the victory. When there is nothing to stop us from praising the Lord at every moment, no matter what the assault or temptation, then the Enemy has already been defeated before the battle is very much underway!

Praise is especially powerful in song. May there be one in your heart, if not on your lips, as you live today. Be watchful for the tactics of the Enemy getting into your mind and heart to discourage you from praise—perhaps by temptations to discouragement that come from seeing yourself as a victim. Use the battering ram of praise against that!

Psalm 149

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Example: The humble win the vict’ry. v. 5

We continue to read the Psalms in numerical order.

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