Freedom by Faith

Paul plunges into the midst of his argument about faith vs. works. Catch the passion beneath these words of doctrinethe burning of his heart feeding the enlightenment of his mind.

He shakes the Galatians and us by a series of six questions. These reverberate within so that the joyous answers given by Paul may find a home in you.

Here lie the essentials of Christian teaching: we are made right with God not by what we do, but by what we allow Christ to do in us. As a great magnet, Jesus draws the curse of sin and the law to himself. The cross crushes the curse.

Read slowly Paul’s understanding of the Law. Commentaries will help. May you fly by faith far beyond the law, into the freedom and love of Jesus.

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Galatians 3

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Example: The righteous will live by faith. v. 11

Thursdays are dedicated to the letters of Paul, other letters,
the Book of Acts, and the Book of Revelation.
In the seasons of Advent to Epiphany this year we read Titus, Philemon, Galatians and Philippians.

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