Driven by Deep Prayer

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The tragic irony of the prosperity of the wicked and the persecution of the innocent haunts the psalmist. The first verse begins with an outright complaint to God about God’s distance in times of trouble. Ten of the next seventeen verses of the psalm cite example after example of injustices that cry to heaven for vengeance.

However negative and complaining is the psalm, at a deeper level, it is driven by intercession. Profound intimacy binds the psalmist to God, no matter what. In fact, in verse 12, the inventory of evil results in an immense shout of intercession with confidence in God’s response. Feel the flow of assurance that completes the psalm. May your prayer today be driven by the inner energy and depth of this psalm.

Psalm 10

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Example: You hear the wants of the meek. v. 17

We read the Psalms in numerical order.

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