The Beauty and Power of God 

The center of the year for the Jewish people is Passover, as Easter is for Christians. The Torah reading unfolds the beauty, the power, and the presence of God. The Lord’s goodness and mercy are described. Be with Moses as the glory of the Lord is revealed to him and to you, through the Holy Spirit.

Learn about the Seder, the supper that recalls the Exodus. There are foods symbolic of the suffering endured such as salt water for the tears shed, and horseradish for the bitterness experienced in suffering so much.

This is a day of solidarity with all those in bondage in one form or another. We intercede for them that the pathways to liberation would become open—that all the “Red Seas” in their lives would split apart so that they can walk on to freedom.

Exodus 33:12—34:26

Learn about Bible Breaths Learn More…
Example: Your presence will go with me.33:14

The Saturday passages follow the reading list that Jewish people use in their synagogue worship
throughout the world. They are taken from
“The Torah,” the first five books of the Bible from Genesis to Deuteronomy
that are read each year beginning with autumn.

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