Going Home at Last!

The Persian King, Cyrus, conquered Babylonia, the country that had taken God’s people captive and led them into exile.  God is about to do something wonderful through this foreign king who didn’t even know the God of Israel. Because Cyrus had pity on God’s people who desperately wanted to return to their homeland and to rebuild their temple, Cyrus gave orders that this happen. The Book of Ezra tells all about this. 

   Just imagine: a people who had been away from their homeland for about seventy years, are going to go home!  When we sense the feelings that they must have had, we begin to appreciate the freedom we have to live in our homeland, and to worship God as God wants us to.  May we never take these freedoms for granted, and always be thankful that we are able to pray and worship God as we have been created to do.

Ezra 1

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