Linked to God

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The sacred writer of this psalm is so happy, he explodes with expressions of wonder and gratitude for all that God has done in God’s creation.  The psalmist looks around at his beautiful world and finds God to be the artist.

If you pray this psalm in a way that has you enter into the joy of these words, when you come to your own life, you too will be filled with thanksgiving for all that God has done for you.  Just as the writer of this psalm, make a list of the blessings that you have received.  Even the things that might not seem at first to be blessings, because of something you suffered—even these can become blessings from God because of what we can learn about life and what God is teaching us through these events.   The wonderful thing about learning from God is the feeling of being linked to God that this learning brings!

Psalm 65

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Example from v. 1
“God, in silence I praise You.”

We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.

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