God: Now and Then or Always

Images abound expressing the constant infidelity of the people to their God. They are as faithless as their idolatrous neighbors after whom their lust burns with a heat as constant as a baker’s oven. Recall Samson, who lost his power and anointing from the Lord and did not know it. Likewise does Ephraim, as an example of all the people, think that it still has power as deceptive alliances are made with powerful Egypt and Assyria.

Make these chapters in Hosea personal to you. Are there inner echoes in these verses? Where do you place your confidence in life? Is it in banks, works, contracts, plans, relationships—the Lord on the sideline of your life? Repent from being only with God now and then, instead of always.

Hosea 7

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Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.
In this season we read Hosea; in the 9th week, we read Lamentations 3.

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