Glory in the Power

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The psalmist glories in the power of God over his enemies; we need to do this as well. There are many temptations of the Evil One to discourage us and have us think that God does not have power after all.

God’s power invites us to respond in faith and not to leave ourselves to our own devices when it comes to discerning where power is. We can be deceived. That is why the Lord told Adam and Eve not to eat of “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” We cannot handle that: only God can. When your natural instincts say that everything is going downhill in your life, take out this psalm—pull it out, if necessary. Take a leap of faith and proclaim the greatness of the Lord. Copy key words and phrases to fully pray this psalm in your spirit.

Psalm 76

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We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.

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