A Favorite Place

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[From the original version]

Would that we loved the house of the Lord as much as the psalmist does! Though the church means much more than a physical building, still it does include those places in life where we especially find ourselves in the presence of God.

Are there such places in your life now? Do you long for time with the Lord in special settings? If not, pray that you desire this with the same passion as today’s prayer.

Can you feel the love of the Lord that the psalmist has in today’s verse? Memorize it and repeat it often throughout the day. Be drawn to the inner court of the heart—God’s favorite place to dwell. With God inside you, wherever you are can become a cathedral.

[From the version for families with children.]

In your imagination, go to your favorite place in your life—the one you most love.  Close your eyes and picture it.  Imagine it with your eyes and ears and all your senses. Feel the silence that surrounds the memory, like a small boat gently rocking on the sea.

The sacred writer’s favorite place is the courts of the Lord, the lovely outer area of the Temple.  Once he enters into that space, he finds himself surrounded by everything that reminds him of God whom he loves so much.

This is one of the very beautiful psalms in the Bible.  It is full of wonderful feelings that you will feel yourself, if you enter into the heart and imagination of this writer.  Pause at verse 10 and sink even deeper into the thought of the writer.  Then from that deep place, read on till the final verses of the psalm.  Go to this psalm often—just as often as you would daydream about your favorite place on earth.

Psalm 84

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We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.

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