To God Alone Be the Glory

[From the original version]

Though we can be inspired by another’s faith, there comes a point when faith needs to become one’s own. Nebuchadnezzar is moved by the faith of Daniel and his friends in the power of the God of Israel, but the King has not come to personal faith and abandon. His is self-centered. The Lord confronts him about this in the dream that comes to him in the night, brought to the light of day by Daniel.

Notice familiar themes about exalting self and being humbled. Recall the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, the Parable of the Rich Fool in Luke 12:13, ff., as well as themes being read in Proverbs. The Lord accepts no substitutes; God wants the “real thing.” Place God at the center of your world and give God alone the glory. If you find that you are being humbled by some event or by some person, then give God even more praise.

[From the version for families with children]

Slowly, but surely, a King who was God’s enemy for being so proud, gradually comes around and worships the one true God.  But look at all the King of Babylon had to go through before he surrendered his whole being to praise, reverence and adore God!  

The key to the King’s growth was in Daniel, the humble young man open to God who gave the king the meaning of the king’s dreams.  I hope you enjoy this chapter just as the last ones.  Daniel continues to be a model for the king of how humility and giving oneself to God are the ways to win.  Doesn’t this sound something like an example of the reading from yesterday?  The king, who wanted to be first, turns out to be last of all.  While he’s eating grass like a cow, he finally comes to his senses.  There’s a story in the Gospel of Luke chapter 15 that has a similar message; you might like to look it up.

Take the last verse of the chapter, verse 37.  It would be a good idea to memorize that verse and let it be with you all this day so that you too can learn in your own way what the King of Babylon had to learn the hard way.  

Daniel 4 

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In the season of Kingdomtide this year, we read the Book of Daniel.

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